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Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard

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Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard | Say goodbye to the days of groping with your awkward binding locks in busy boss battles or PVP battles. Seven thumb-based modifier keys allow you to increase the number of commands you can run from the current ± 12 capability key up to 7x that number, allowing you to instantly and easily move any spell or ability In impossible games and still have space for dozens of your custom macros.Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard

The fully programmable key from Razer Anansi allows you to expand your repertoire of homicide macros, giving you full control with easy and instant command execution. Also, you can switch between up to 20 profiles for each game or avatar by pressing the button.

Whether it’s conquering your enemies or preparing for your next search, five new game macro keys on the left side of Razer Anansi let you quickly access additional capabilities and commands such as replacing equipment presets and Rub your teammates.

Razer Synapse 2.0 is sophisticated and intuitive software that acts as a Razer Anansi brain, automatically syncing game keyboards to cloud servers to download driver and firmware updates, while saving personal settings You. Sync your custom settings and macros automatically with this integrated configurator, which allows you to customize all your Razer products with a single login.

Razer Anansi Specifications

  • 7 thumb modifier keys
  • Over 100 programmable Hyperesponse keys
  • One-button profile switching
  • Five additional gaming keys
  • Optimized key matrix
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 enabled
  • Gaming mode option
  • Easy access media keys
  • Approximate Size : 515 mm / 20.28” (Width) x 190 mm / 7.48” (Height) x 20 mm / 0.79” (Depth)
  • Approximate Weight: 1020 g / 2.24 lbs

System Requirements

  • PC with USB port
  • OS: Windows 8/ Windows 7 / Mac OS X 10.8 – 10.11
  • Internet connection (for driver installation)
  • At least 35MB of hard disk space
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 registration (requiring a valid e-mail), software download, license acceptance, and internet connection needed to activate full features of product and for software updates. After activation, full features are available in optional offline mode.

Razer Anansi Support

The Razer Keyboard continues to change the default language in my system when Synapse is opened.

The Razer Keyboard has a default language set in their firmware. Once Razer Synapse is loaded, it will read the default language on the Keyboard and set the system keyboard to that layout. To change the default layout, you need to go back to your system settings and change it to your preferred grammar after you restart your computer and start the Synapse. We are aware of this inconvenience and are looking for ways to improve this in the future.

Can I use the Razer Anansi Mac driver with an Anansi PC layout?

No, MAC drivers and PC drivers are designed to be used exclusively with the Mac layout and PC keyboard layout respectively. These drivers are not interchangeable.

Can I use the Razer Anansi PC driver with a Mac layout on Anansi?

No, MAC drivers and PC drivers are designed to be used exclusively with the Mac layout and PC keyboard layout respectively. These drivers are not interchangeable.

How do I clean my Razer keyboard?

As with any office or home computer input device, your Keyboard can collect dust or dirty from regular use. Occasional cleaning will help keep the equipment clean. We recommend wiping your Keyboard with a lightly moistened cloth with a mild soap solution. Since solvents and other harsh chemicals can affect and Merosotkan plastics on the Keyboard, we do not recommend using any water to clean the Keyboard. IMPORTANT NOTE: In any case, you should not immerse the Keyboard in any liquid. Soaking the Keyboard in any liquid will void the warranty on your Keyboard.

Ctrl + Shift + Numpad 0 does not work with World of Warcraft Addon! How can I fix it?

“Alt-left + Shift is a Windows shortcut to change the input language. Try removing the shortcut assignments to make the shortcut work as expected. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Regional and Language Options.
  3. Click Keyboard and language, then click Change Keyboard.
  4. and then Click Advanced Lock Settings, and choose between input languages.
  5. Click Change Lock Order.
  6. To toggle the Keyboard layout, select Unassigned.
  7. Click OK to close each dialog box.

Is the Keyboard waterproof? I need to clean the Keyboard.

The Keyboard is not waterproof. Do not soak the Keyboard to clean it or put it in a dishwasher. They can be cleaned with compressed air. Shedding fluid on it can damage the Keyboard.

Razer Anansi Driver Download

Razer Anansi Driver v1.07


  • Version: v1.07
  • Release Date: 20 Sep 2013
  • Supported OS: Windows 8
  • Supported Languages:
    Chinese Simplified
    Chinese Traditional

Razer Synapse 2.0 fo MAC OS


  • Version: 1.34
  • Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.6/10.7
  • Supported Languages: English

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Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer Anansi Gaming Keyboard
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