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Razer Basilisk Driver Support Downloads

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Razer Basilisk Driver Support Downloads | You can more easily play the game quickly, precisely and shut down and have a high fps skill to stay using Razer Basilisk. Equipped with the most advanced optical sensors in the world and armed with various advanced features to adjust the resistance of the scroll wheel and removable dpi clutch, the Razer Basilisk is the best fps mouse in its class, also equipped with the world’s most sophisticated 5g razer optical sensor with a maximum of 16,000 dpi, so that it can give you unmatched precision and performance.Razer Basilisk


Adjustable scroll wheel brace

The Razer Mouse comes with a button that allows you to change the power of the scroll wheel. With personalized sensitivity that can perform more accurate actions such as weapon selection, emphasis, and other wheel scrolling actions.

Detachable DPI clutch

to give you absolute control, this Razer Mouse is equipped with a dpi clutch that can be removed when pressed and allows you to change turn sensitivity very quickly and precisely.


  • Equipped with the most advanced optical gaming sensor
  • Mouse scroll wheel with adjustable resistance
  • Easily removable dpi clutch
  • Optimized razer gaming mechanical mouse switch
  • It has support with Razer Chroma

Razer Basilisk Support

How do you change the settings of the Razer Basilisk?

To change settings such as changing lighting, macro, and other functions, please download and install Razer Synapse 3 => Download here.

The clutch function on the Razer Basilisk?

The clutch is deliberately fixed like a traditional button, an easily accessible clasp designed not only to move and release it quickly but also to increase comfort when pressed and released immediately. The push-to-talk feature can make temporary dpi adjustments, and other game actions that require gamers to hold down the mouse button with this Mouse Razer can be run more comfortably.

Dial function at the bottom of the mouse?

Specially designed to meet the needs of gamers who tie the action of the game to the scroll wheel, this Razer Mouse comes with a series of scroll wheel resistances that can be easily adjusted by using the buttons at the bottom of the mouse, fps gamers who can fix the scroll wheel at their preferred resistance level for the selection of weapons and others.

What are hybrid on-board and cloud storage?

on-board hybrid and cloud storage allow you to be able to save your special profile not only to the cloud but also directly to your Razer Basilisk Mouse, so you can access it easily even on PCs that don’t have Razer Synapse 3 software or not Internet access.

How do you adjust the dpi settings on the Razer Basilisk Mouse?

With out-of-the-box, you can make changes to basic settings on the dpi at a moment’s notice via the dpi button located on the back of the scroll wheel. You can also temporarily reduce dpi by holding the clutch on the mouse. After you install Razer Synapse or Razer Synapse 3, then you can have access to more DPI options.

Does the razer basilisk feature mouse acceleration?

No, because Synapse 3 doesn’t have mouse acceleration installed on the platform, so it can’t configure that option in Synapse 2.0.

Support Downloads Razer Basilisk Driver For Windows and Mac OS X

Descriptions OS Support Download
Razer Synapse 3 for Windows 64-bitWindows 10/8.1/8/7 [64 bit]
Razer Synapse 2.0 for Mac OSMac OS X 10.7/10.6
Razer Basilisk Master GuideAll Support

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Razer Basilisk Driver Support Downloads
  • Razer Basilisk Driver Support Downloads
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