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Razer Wolverine Drivers Support Downloads

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Razer Wolverine Drivers Support Downloads | With sticks exchanged and two D-Pads exchanged, the exchange between the height of the thumbstick optimized and form, and quickly change the incline or the button layout Pad D Individual Razer Wolverine Ultimate comes loaded with a slew of additional buttons for advanced gaming 2 remappable Multi-Function bumper, 4 multi-trigger function and Control Panel quick with function remapping either quickly or with Razer Synapse on Xbox, you can master the technique of the next level such as moving and aiming with two thumbsticks Show off your personal style with a choice of Razer Chroma about lighting effects and profiles amazing, totally customized by Razer Synapse for Xbox Optimized ergonomics are still comfortable after hours of practice, and interchangeable parts so that adapts to your hand and playstyle.

Razer Wolverine Specifications and Features

Before I give my opinion one of the actual controllers, let’s run down the core specs and features of the Ultimate so you can see where your hard-earned money is going.

  • Wired controller
  • Two additional buttons and four triggers
  • Chroma Razer colored lighting
  • Triggering a stop to trigger short throw
  • Swappable D-Pad and joysticks
  • Quick control panel for on-the-fly mode switching and control mic
  • Rubber grip (it comes pre-installed do not like Wildcat)
  • Face-shades button switch
  • Razer Synapse application on Xbox One for customization
  • 5mm audio port for standard headphones
  • 10-foot USB cable

You would not think we need to have a section dedicated to setting up the controller, but you do not Wolverine controllers run-of-the-mill. Its additional features and options mean you have to spend a few minutes to get things up and running (Fortunately, the process is not as painful as the previous high-end Razer controllers are required to stick grips manually).

To take advantage of what the controller can do it, you’ll want to download Razer Synapse for Xbox One application. You will use this to customize the functionality of additional buttons, adjust the color palette of 16.8 million shown in the setting of Chroma, and tweak the controller functions. This is an application that is strong enough, and that’s where a lot of customization for the device came from.

In the box you will find the controller, additional buttons, bags, manual, USB cable interrupt shaped (the shape prevents you from using most of the other cables that have been kicking around) and all the other items that you will need to get things up and to run.

Razer Wolverine Support

Can I use the Razer Ultimate Wolverine on Steam?

Certainly! The Razer Ultimate Wolverine recognized by steam as the Xbox One controller.

Does “Fast Control Panel” work function on the PC?

True! “Quick Control Panel” function on your Ultimate Wolverine Razer job, regardless of whether you’re on a PC or Xbox One.

How do I remap multi-function button on my Razer Ultimate Wolverine?

You can do the button re-mapping to two on-board your profile through Control Panel on your Quick Razer Ultimate Wolverine directly. To enjoy the limited profile configuration, you can download Synapse for Xbox App on every Xbox One console.

When using my Razer Ultimate Wolverine, why I can not switch profiles in the Control Panel Quickly after quitting the application Razer Synapse X on Xbox Taskbar?

Please unplug and re-plug the controller to restore the profile button switch.

Can I disable the multi-function button?

Yes, you can remove the mapping of the multi-function button via the Razer Synapse on Xbox App or with the following steps:

  1. Select a profile by clicking the “Profile”
  2. Press and hold down the “Remap” button until the indicator blinks profile
  3. Then Press and hold down the “multi-function” button
  4. Press the “Xbox”
  5. Removing your fingers after the controller vibrate.

How can I change the lighting effects on my ultimate Wolverine Razer?

You can customize your lighting effects through the Synapse for Xbox App on Xbox One console.

The lighting effect synchronize with my other PC peripherals compatible Chroma Razer?

No, Chroma on ultimate Wolverine is specially designed for optimal console user experience. Therefore, it does not synchronize with other Chroma Razer PC compatible devices.

Can I record macros on the ultimate Wolverine Razer?

While you can remap one of sixteen buttons on the controller with multifunction buttons, recording macros are not allowed on Razer Ultimate Wolverine because it is designed specifically for use in the tournament and complies with all the rules and tournament rules.

Can I use Ultimate Wolverine Razer as a wireless controller?

The Ultimate Wolverine Razer is a fully wired controller as it is designed specifically for Esports and requires a stable connection and minimal latency for competitive play scenario.

Why can not I use the profile switch and function button remapping while my application is active or minimized?

To provide the best user experience, the button remapping and profile selection can be done by the application. Therefore, the edge profile switch and remapping button will not work when the application is active or minimized. The embedded function will recover when you quit the application by applying the following steps:

  1. Press the “Menu” on your controller
  2. Select “Exit”

When using my ultimate Wolverine Razer, why I can not remap buttons and switches profiles rapid control panel after leaving the application outside of the application?

Please disconnect and reconnect your controller to retrieve the profile switch button. In later use, please follow below steps to exit the application to retrieve the embedded function:

  1. Press the “Menu” on your controller
  2. Select “Exit”

How D-Pad buttons Raze Wolverine Ultimate?

The Razer Ultimate Wolverine comes with two configurations D-pad buttons. A tilting and individual D-pad.

How can I change the interchangeable D-pads and joysticks Razer Ultimate Wolverine?

The interchangeable D-pad and joysticks are attached by magnets and simply can be changed by pulling them upwards.

Razer Wolverine Drivers Downloads

Descriptions OS Support Download
Razer Synapse for XboxXbox One, Windows 10/8.1/8/7 64-bit
Razer Wolverine Master GuideAll Support

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Razer Wolverine Drivers Support Downloads
  • Razer Wolverine Drivers Support Downloads
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