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Razer DeathAdder Driver Download

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Razer DeathAdder Driver Download | When you update the operating system to Windows 10, then Razer Synapse cannot detect the device and shows the correct product configurtoar. If you experience this, please update Synapse through Settings, then Check for Updates. If an update is not found or Synapse cannot load, please delete the Synapse installation and re-download the latest Synapse Software from this link => Razer Synapse Software.Razer DeathAdder Driver

How to fix the Razer DeathAdder if you have a problem

If you feel your mouse has a problem, we recommend trying the mouse on another computer first to make sure the problem is with the mouse and not on your computer system. If you have found a problem with the Razer DeathAdder mouse, then you can clean the sensor of the mouse by using a Q-Tip lightly coated with alcohol and then let the sensor dry for 5 minutes before trying to use it again.

How long is the Razer DeathAdder warranty?

The warranty length of this product is different, depending on your Razer product series. For example, the Mouse has a two-year limited warranty, while the Razer keyboard has a limited warranty of only one year.

How to fix the Razer DeathAdder mouse cursor does not move

Please try cleaning the sensor using Tip-Q coated with alcohol, then let the sensor dry for 5 minutes and try again using the mouse.

How to calibrate the surface of the Razer DeathAdder mouse

If it still does not work correctly, your sensor might be incorrectly calibrated when adjusting the calibration of the mouse surface. Place your mouse on the mouse pad, then hold the left click button, right click, and the mouse wheel for 7 seconds to reset the calibration of the mouse surface. If this method doesn’t work, please contact our support team via contact provided in the footer menu.

How can I test my Razer Mouse to function correctly?

Open Customizer and press button three on the keyboard, up to 4, Then Open Notepad in Windows and click the button to be tested to make sure it has been appropriately tied. If the bindings do not work in certain games, please contact the game publisher. If it doesn’t work too, please contact our Customer Support.

Can I modify or disassemble the DeathAdder Razer product?

We do not recommend that you modify or disassemble your Razer product because it can void the warranty on the product you have.

How do you change the language of the Configurator?

Language choices are based on the version of the driver installed on the computer. And to fix this problem, uninstall the software and download the appropriate repeat driver.

For those of you who want to download the Razer DeathAdder Driver, please click on the download button that we have provided below.

Razer DeathAdder 3.5G Windows Driver Download


  • Supported Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7[32-64bit]
  • Version: 3.05
  • Supported Languages: English
Razer DeathAdder Driver Download
  • Razer DeathAdder Driver Download
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