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RAZER SOFTMINER SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD | Razer SoftMiner software is a gift that allows you get when Your PC Silver Razer idle or when you’re AFK. Razer launches SoftMiner enough in your PC and lets it do the heavy work. Start with a sleek software interface and the spectrum of Razer Chroma. For the best mining experience, enable the Auto Mode, and I belong with an internet connection without limits. We highly recommend running SoftMiner on the computer with a GPU Nvidia GTX at least 1050 or AMD RX 460.

Razer SoftMiner


  1. Download the Razer SoftMiner => DOWNLOAD HERE
  2. Create an account ID Razer and into applications.
  3. Under the settings, activate the Automatic Mode.
    Select this option if you prefer SoftMiner to start and run automatically in the background, resulting in a Silver when the computer Your Razer is unemployed.
  4. Press start to begin mining.


The more Razer Silver you earn, the closer You redeem a gift line as Razer peripherals, gaming, our latest discount voucher, and much more. Discover our complete set of rewards in the catalog Razer Silver.

How does Razer SoftMiner?

When your computer is not in use, desktop applications processing power using SoftMiner Razer GPU idle You to complement the needs of a distributed network for the mining process. You will be rewarded with Razer Silver, which varies depending on the amount of idle time and the power of the hardware or your graphics card.

What are the supported operating systems?

  • Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

I see the CPU usage is high and low GPU usage in SoftMiner, is it normal? It is very reasonable to see a spike in CPU usage when using SoftMiner. To clarify: resource consumption is still on Your GPU instead of the CPU. However, you see a spike in your CPU resources because the Task Manager to classify the computing power used by the GPU You as part of your computing resources.

For details of the resources used, open the Task Manager Performance > > Select Your GPU and change one of the graphs into COMPUTE_1 or COMPUTE_2. You can then view the computing power used by the GPU during mining (see for example reference below).

Source: Razer Official

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